Proud To be Muslims

when people said that Muslim's women do not know
how to dress up
or what they so called dress-to-kill,
they are totally wrong.
If U see us wearing XXL shirts with large scarf covering our hair,
it doesn't mean that we are living in the cave-
do not know how to wear jeans,mini skirt and etc.
and it's not like
We don't wear hijab because we don't know how to show off my figure
We still have our body,
We're just not letting everyone see it
And don't feel sorry for us
No one force us to do so and please take note,
we are proud of what we are wearing right now!
our hijab, abaya(robes), or even our niqab
it's symbolize our beautiful way of life..
When we rejecting intermingle between guys and girls-couples
it is not because we are anti-social,
when we refuse to do physical contact with guys
(holding hands, hugging etc..)
We have our own solid reason of doing that..
it is because we are protecting of ourselves..
from whom?
the devil of course!;)
We are not that cheap
We don't simply give the 'unauthorized' people especially
guys to see more than they only need to see
and of course, as a woman
we do not want anyone other than our husband
to touch us even for an inch!!
Again, we are not cheap.
We are not like those cheap things that people can touch easily
and throw away when they feel like want to do that
we deserve more than that
for your information,
We-Muslim's women are precious
our body are sacred and
we are far more precious than diamond and pearl
the ultimate reason for every single of our action is
to please our Rabb, Allah s.w.t
He taught us in Qur'an on how to behave,
what is the muslims dress code
and that actually make us different from non-muslims
and we are proud to fulfill His commandment
to strive for His jannah!
sO my sisters in Islam,
please take care of yourself
cover your aurah
fulfill your obligation in Islam
After all, we are Muslims
aren't U??
this world, is nothing
being praised from people is meaningless
couples-mini skirt-clubbing-5 inch make up
these things won't save U in grave
won't defend U when Munkar and Nankir come to interview us later
But, our deeds- good deeds is the one that is counted
and not to forget, oUr beloved Prophet
Rasulullah s.a.w will be our savior in Mashar
So, during that time, how'd you expect Prophet s.a.w to recognize us
if we are not following his teachings and not
behaving like Muslims now??
w.A.k.e. U.p and be r.E.a.L.i.s.t.I.c now
it is true that
tomorrow never die
we are still young, enjoy this life
and we can repent when we turn to 30s-40s..
But sisters,
nobody knows
nobody can give 100% guarantee
that whether
we are still breathing in this world or
lying in the grave...

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