1 Message Received

    • online x ni?
  • Me
    • yup2!=)
  • Nad
    • bz je manjang..
    • haha
  • Me
    • mne ada..
    • da cuti da nie..huhu
  • Nad
    • nga wat pe?
    • ko kat mane?
  • Me
    • chat ngan ko ler..huhu
    • ko ape cter?
    • ok x?
  • Nad
    • cmtu je la.. huhu
    • okay je..
    • alhamdulillah, single sudah..
    • hehe
  • Me
    • O..key
    • bler ko break?knp weh?
  • Nad
    • smlm yg betul2 punye..
    • sepatutnye dah byk hari
    • tp die xnak putus
    • huhu
    • reason ko mintak ptus?
  • Nad
    • aku da xsyg die..
    • aku takot aku terus tipu die..
    • ak rsa ko buat bnda yg btul nad
    • 1-sbab ko sndiri yg lebih fham prasaan ko sendiri, so kalau xsyg, xadil utk dia n utk ko skali kalu korg still couple
    • 2- couple kn disallowed in Islam, so breaking up with him cam one step 4ward utk ko jd better person than b4=)
    • inshaAllah weh, Quran pn ckp yg pmpuan baik utk laki yg baik, dan ko memg baik nad, inshaAllah ko akn jmpa sum1 yg baik utk ko..imam Muda ko sendiri=D
  • Nad
    • :)benda 2 yg sedg bermain difikiran aku skrg..
    • wanita yg baik utk lelaki yg baik..
    • semua prmpuan nak suami yg baik..
    • aku pun..
  • Me
    • ^_^ak pon!
    • =p
    • aminn
    • so, aku kene berubah kpd yg baik klu nak yg terbaik.. :))
  • Me
    • btul2! sma lar kita
  • Nad
    • tp klu jodoh aku tetap ngan die, aku terima je..
  • Nad
    • dah ketentuan Allah..
    • huhu
  • Me
    • Allah knows best kn what is the Best 4 us..kita xtawu
    • mgkin kalu itu jdoh ko, mngkin time2 dia pn da brubah jd lg baik dari skarg?imam utk ko? sp tawu kan..
  • Nad
    • erm, a'ah..
    • ntah la, skrg blum terbuka pintu hati utk terima die balik.. mungkin nant2.. huhu
  • Me
    • xper maa..yg penting ko bwat bnda yg baik..utk ko N dia.
  • Nad
    • tp die mcm xleh terima.. huhu
  • Me
    • dia ad cakap paper er?
    • kadg2 die msj aku
    • pastu tulis, "nad....... nad.......":(
    • takot aku weh

  • Me
    • hesh..aku pn takut.
  • Nad
    • aku ni ha.. lg takot
  • Me
    • xpe weh..ko jgn lyn msg dia
    • biar dia thu yg ko serius
    • bg dia msa
    • ko jgn pk sgt.
    • and..move on!
    • ko da bwat decision, jgn tgk blakg da..
    • ko kna KUAT! =)
  • Nad
    • tu la.. huhu
    • aku kene kuatkan diri aku.. kene buat2 bz..
  • Me
    • btoi2
    • bca lar artikl2 yg bule bg ko smangat
    • jgn lyn sgt lgu2 sedih tu
    • xseswai lar..
    • haha
  • Nad
    • tu la, aku nga bace mcm2 artikel, kata2 semangat.. hehe
  • Me
    • owh.bguih.^_^
    • dunt 4get, pray HARD as well..mintak Allah tetapkan hati ko dgn bnda yg btul
  • Nad
    • doa yg boleh dipraktikkan?
  • Me
    • ak pn xtahu specific doa
    • tp kan ad dua' yg nabi slalu bca
    • yg psl tetapkan hatiku ke arah bnda yg baik dan jika ia bukan bnda yg baik, jauhkan lar hati aku terhdapnya..somthg cam 2 lar..
    • atau ko bca jer doa2 atau ckp dlm bhasa mlayu pn takper
    • yg pentg kita ikhlas=))
  • Nad
    • okay.. hehe
    • hehe..
    • thanx sudi dgr cite aku yg ntah pape nih..
  • Me
    • no biggy~
    • ak bwat ap yg ak mampu jer
*seriously,itu jer yg aku mampu.mngkin bukan da best advice tp ak ckp brdasarkan point of view aku yg xseberapa nie. ** Kita selalu nak jodoh yg terbaik, yg mampu bimbing kita, jadi imam untuk kita dll..Tp kita selalu lupa berusaha untuk jd yg terbaik
***Perempuan yang baik utk lelaki yg baik.
[Surah An-Nur, ayat 26] Jadi yg baik, dan Allah akan sediakan pasangan yg terbaik untuk kita. inshaAllah

EnjOY Ur TiMe

Watching television it’s not a big thing..
But if U started to obsess with it and find Urself spending all day long in front of that 'one-eye-box' or even worse, U postpone Ur prayer so that U can watch the whole shows..
Yes, U should be worried..
And if U like to listen to the radio, music- I think it is still fine
But again, if u find Urself stuck to the music and Ur day would not be perfect without tuning the radio, U sing the song more U recite the Qur'an
then U've got a problem dude..


Here's the reason

Say: If your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your wives, your kindred, the wealth that you have gained, the commerce in which you fear a decline, and the dwellings in which you delight ... are dearer to you than Allah and His Messenger, and striving hard and fighting in His Cause , then wait until Allah brings about His Decision (torment). And Allah guides not the people who are Al-Fasiqun (the rebellious, disobedient to Allah).

I am not an expert in explaining the ‘ayah’ of Qur’an, but at least from this verse, we know that Allah s.w.t hates those who put other things on top over HIM and His Messenger, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Especially for those whose on purpose leave all the Allah’s commands just only for the worldly matters. Naudhubillah

Logically, if U put more priority on watching television and due to afraid of missing the important parts in the shows, U take ablution faster and start to pray like a sprinter in the middle of Olympic race, how can U gain the khushu’ while in praying?

Sometimes we rather to try our best to wake up at 2-3 a.m just to watch tv-football for example? But when it comes to tahajjud prayer, it seems like there’s a big stone over our body causing us hard to be awake and perform the night prayer..Sounds familiar? I used to be in that situation too. *sigh*

Maybe we can ask questions to ourselves..

What is our priority now? worldly satisfaction or Allah's pleasure?

What is our aim in life? success in world life or success in both dunya wa akhirah

Is it enough to pray five times daily, but never try to do any other deeds to enhance our Eman?

When we are being asked by Allah s.w.t about how we spent our time in our life time, can we answer it proudly or in shamefully?

Don't get me wrong, I am not forbidding U from doing all the stuff that U like, but I really really want U to remember that do not put those things over Allah and Rasul s.a.w

When it comes to prayer, perform it sincerely and of course, ON TIME! =D

Put Al-Qur'an as Ur music MOST of da time and 'Sing' it regularly..

Use Ur time well..Its too precious to let it go just like that

U still can have fun in Ur life without putting Islam behind ur back

Because we wanna be A FULL TIME MUSLIM

So, breath-walk-eat-and enjoy Ur time like a real Muslim!

InshaAllah, U may find the peace in Ur heart and Ur day will not be wasted anymore ^_^


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