Take Care of Ur Heart

Hey, have U ever heard that when facing a problem or dilemma, ask Ur heart which path U should take? what is the best choice to pick?
have U ever heard about this quote?
Ikutkan HATI, kita MATI
(follow what Ur heart says and U'll be dead!)
sO, which one is the best way?
for me, when U are in the middle of confuse and don't know which where to go, asking Ur heart is the best way because whether U believe it or not,
Ur heart can feel which option that U should take so that U won't be regret later
But again, how about the quote above? and there are many people said the same thing too..
Are they wrong?
Hehe..those people and the quote are right actually
Why am i saying that?
It is depend on Ur heart itself..
When Ur heart is full with black spots
How can it determine the white area!err good things i mean, or the right choice or maybe the person will face a problem to detect which is the right path for them!..
And when U keep feeding Ur heart with the sins, sooner or later, it will get to use with the bad things either..
That is why when the person misbehaved like cheating for the first time, he will feel unease inside his heart because the Mr. Heart has given the signal to him that he's doing the wrong thing right now..
However, if he keep ignoring the signal and keep cheating to other people, there is no doubt that the signal will light off and he will feel nothing when doing the evil things..
But, if the heart receives a good quality food, it will also give a good respond or in other words, a good or true instinct for U..
It reminds me about our stomach actually, if U give it a healthy and balance meals, it will make Ur body healthier but on the other hand, when U eat junk foods or other unhealthy meals, it will cause Ur body turn upside down! Ur lung become weak, Ur body suffered from diabetes, obesity and so on.. it just the same with our heart.. need a good therapy care in order to maintain it in a better condition..
Thus, always remember what our Beloved s.a.w said and inshaAllah, u'll be safe=)

‘Surely there is in the body a small piece of flesh; if it is good, the whole body is good, and if it is corrupted, the whole body is corrupted, and that is surely the heart’.

Related by Imam Bukhārī in his sahih

And if U happened to 'lost' Ur heart, read the tips below, it might help U;)
Abdullah ibn Masoud (ra) said “Seek your heart in three places (check how it is feeling).
(1) When you are reciting Quran (how is your heart feeling,
(2) State of Dhikr (remembrance of Allah/Prophets/Companions), and
(3) When you are alone.

If you do not feel anything in your heart, then Ask Allah to give you a heart for you have not been given one.

p/s:Purify Ur heart can make Ur life better..InshaAllah and Assalamualaikum^_^


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