Especially for Me, but it is also for U

Filling my free time, I have read many entries from the bloggers..Then, I found one that caught my attention..Here it is~

The worst of sayings is blabbering.

Be aware of blabbering, for whose talk is abundant, his sins are abundant as well.

Be aware of the tongue, for it is an arrow that might astray.

Hold on the silence, for the least good thing it can do is give safety.

Hear and you will learn, and be silent and you will be safe.

Treasure your tongue, like you do with your gold and papers.

Lessen the talk and you are safe from the blame.

Do not say what you do not know, but do not say everything you know.

Who has the sweet tongue shall have brothers in abundant.

The wise man is he who tied his tongue except for the mention of Allah.

*This is taken by the blogger from the book of '2500 Adages of Imam Ali'
**Hope U & I can take this as a reminder and as a note 2gether...^_^


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