CheCk thiS out.. Are U the OnE?

Assalamualaikum.. Alhamdulillah. Praise to Him, the oft Merciful, and the oft Compassionate-oUr Rabb..Because of His kindness, we are now in the final part of Ramadhan-Last 10 special nights. Hope all of us can meet the night which is like no others, and even better than thousand months! MashaAllah..
But, something struck in my mind.. Do my fasting change myself? do I manage to leave all the negative things? do I manage to move out from the bad to good? not really actually..=( Reciting this ayah, make me realize something. What should I have in order to be the a'bd of Allah which please Him all the time..and through this surah, Allah has given us the guideline to be the one.. Check it out:
  • Humble all the time-not possessing the riya' feeling when doing something good or when having something that put U better than other person..a good mark for example?
  • Cool and steady when facing those who have uneasy or hatred feelings towards U. and U even reply with a very gentle words when they talking bad about U!
  • Spend their night with NOT only SLEEPING straight 8-10 hours. Means that, they will wake up in the middle of night and perform tahajjud,taubat.. In other words, those who are willing to sacrifice their comfortable bed+comforter+pillow and wake up just to have a date with HIM.. ;)
  • Keep praying to not be included as a Hell citizen.Naudzhubillah
  • Not doing syirk, just worshiping HIM alone, not killing any innocent life as He hates it! and of course, not committing any acts of zina. I'm sure intermingling among brothers and sisters + coupling fall in this category..hehe
  • Not to forget, those who are wise in their spending which means they neither extravagance nor stingy. In the middle. Only buy what they need, not what their desire want..
  • And those who are hear or see things that will bring any benefits to them like bad things or the evil talk, they will go away from it..hmm, it also means that when we heard someone backbiting others, it is better to go away or just remain silent right? It reminds me with one of the hadith that we learnt in Study Circle which said Part of someone's being a good Muslim is his leaving alone that which does not concern him (at-Tirmidhi)..
  • When someone warns or tells them about the Ayah from Allah s.w.t, they receive it with an open heart. Not acting like an ignorance..

Having read this reminder from Allah, I've been thinking. Again.
Do I have one of this attributes? at least one? This Ramadhan, I should have posses at least one of it. If I don't start it now, then when? it should be easier since all the deVils or Shayateen has been tied and the only thing that we have to fight is our self, our nafs? is it so hard?hmm..frankly speaking,yup! it ain't easy..
But, in this surah, Allah has mentioned that
  • 75. Those will be rewarded with the highest place (in Paradise) because of their patience. Therein they shall be met with greetings and the word of peace and respect.
Paradise is the reward? don't U want it? the place where we can do whatever we want..the best place ever. And sure the price of Jannah is not cheap and if we are willing to tie our lunch budget just to have an expensive baju raya, so why are we (including me of course) so lazy to do things that can make us move one step forward to the Jannah?=( and not to forget, Allah also gives us clue that is to be patience.. It is not easy to change to something new, but its worth to try for the sake of Him..

Allah You are The One Who pardons greatly, and loves to pardon, so pardon me.

and Allah, guide our heart to be close to U.. to do what U love and to hate what U hate.. make uS among those that U loved.. I wanna be somebody.. To U ya Rabb..just for U



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